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144km Ultra-Marathon for the Negev
Martin E. Franklin finishes the grueling race in 22:59:48 on behalf of the children in Carmit. On April 24th and 25th the second annual Yam2Yam 144km Ultra Marathon was held. The Ultra Marathon began at the Tel Aviv/Jaffa Sea Port and ended at the Old Train station in Jerusalem. The OR Movement was lucky enough to have one of its devoted partners offer to run the race in its entirety while making a donation and raising funds for the children in Carmit. Due to Mr. Martin E. Franklin`s valiant effort, the new Pre-School in Carmit will be established.
The Negev and Galilee are Officially on the Government Priority List
On March 12th the inauguration of the "Caucus for the Strengthening and Empowerment of the Periphery" was held in the Knesset. The meeting was led MK`s Zvulun Kalfa and Hilik Bar, co-chairs of the new caucus. Also in attendance were Public Security Minister Aharonovitz, Leader of Opposition Herzog and Keren Kayemeth World Chairman Efi Stenzler among others.
"The Greatest Opportunity in the Mediterranean is the Negev"
This is how Minister Naftali Bennett opened the first Negev Economic Conference and he added: "There is a gold rush on, not for the precious metal rather the skills and potential that can be found in the Negev."
Visiting OR in the Negev
The first quarter of 2014 saw a number of special events and visitations from friends, supporters and even new partners. Over 200 special guests visited communities in the Negev to learn about and show their support. Among them was Mr. Daniel Jusidman the sponsor of the new 125 acre forest surrounding Carmit.
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