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OR is a non-profit organization in Israel that is dedicated to developing the Negev and Galilee into independent and thriving centers for life. Our mission is to put pioneering into action by encouraging young Israelis and immigrants to promote, strengthen, and populate existing development towns as well as new communities which we have built from the ground-up.  


Help us strengthen Israel's borders, serve Israel's people, and build a better Israel.


US Donations:


In the United States, donations are tax-deductible through American Friends of OR National Missions, a 501(c)3 charity.  These donations can be made through Paypal, by sending a check to the address provided below, or via wire transfer.


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Please make checks payable to "American Friends of OR National Missions" and mail to:

Hirth & Associates C/o Lillian Cohen

36 W 44th Street, Suite 1414

New York, NY 10036


For wire transfer information, please email


UK Donations:


Donations in the UK can be made through the Prism Gift Fund, via our online portal, by mailing a cheque, or via wire transfer.


Donate Online:


Please make cheques payable to Prism the Gift Fund and send to:

20 Gloucester Place


W1U 8HA.


Please mark cheques OR Movement on the back.


For Wire Transfer Information, please email


For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Becky at